The commitment of the advertising film producers to DE&I.

Reaching the goal together.

Advertising film productions are complex. Many different people work together on a project. But not only the result is important, the way to get there is just as important.

We can only speak of a successful production if there is mutual respect.

Below we explain what diversity, equity and inclusion mean to us. How we fill these topics with life. And how our members can implement them.

Diversity in everyday life.

Different genders, nationalities, ethnic groups, religions and worldviews, social origins, age and disabilities: no two people are the same.
We are committed to ensuring that the diversity that characterizes our society and makes it strong is also represented in our productions. We stand for an open and tolerant culture in front of and behind the camera. Discrimination has no place in our productions.

Equity. Equal conditions for everyone.

Equity begins by acknowledging that not all people have the same opportunities.
We advertising film producers actively remove barriers and are committed to ensuring that everyone receives exactly the right support - and thus equal opportunities.

Inclusion. Belonging is part of it.

Being seen is a good feeling. But there's more to it than a "Good morning." Inclusion is achieved when we proactively give all people the opportunity to express their identity. Reach out! For example, by integrating holidays of different religions in the company - without having to ask about it.

So that good ideas and high standards can become realizable results, we have put together the first tangible recommendations for action

Can also be used as a checklist

The basis of our recommendations for action are
these 9 dimensions of diversity:



Social background

Gender identity

Ethnic origin

Sexual orientation


Religion and ideology



If someone can achieve great results with many different people, then it's us - the Association of German Advertising Film Producers.

We look forward to achieving these goals together with you and establishing them as our standard!